Iconic Hotel & Residence Builder Comes To Surrey

The new mixed-use Avani Centre is located in the growing City of Surrey, conveniently positioned at the corner of King George Boulevard and 98th Avenue, a walking distance from King George Skyline station as well as Simon Fraser University. Participating in a wave of urban development, the new King George Complex is comprised of a high rise building including a hotel and condominium units, along with generous amenities and communal outdoor spaces. The concept is rooted in the cityscape plane of houses which mark a horizontal alignment from which the slabs cascade into the naturally sloped site. The tower is then subdivided into multiple slabs, liberating a green outdoor space halfway through the tower, thus articulating the separation between the hotel and condominium programs. The lower portion overflows with lush green terraces and a ground level public space while the upper portion of the tower is slightly rotated to accommodate views to Surrey’s city centre.

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