How To Get The Best Deal For Your Home

Making your home saleable can be an overwhelming process to say the least, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Below are five ways to help you get the best deal in a land assembly contract for yourself and your neighborhood.

#1 – Getting the Right Appraisal

A great way to ensure that you are getting the right appraisal is to ask a few questions about the evaluator. For examples: What is your land assembly history? Is this your first time assessing property? What developers do you work with or have worked with? Do you understand the current contract laws and do you have knowledge of what contracts are? What is my home value according to the new OCP?

#2 – Voice Your Concerns

If you have done some remodeling on your home or had your yard landscaped, it’s probable that it may have added more value to your home. Be sure to inform the appraiser of these upgrades so that he or she can make sound judgements. Ask if there is a difference in land assembly versus residential neighborhoods. Why? Renovating a house means spending money; whereas, in the case of land assembly, it’s a matter of how much money you can make on your investment from development projects.

#3 – Contain Your Emotions

Buying or selling a home is not without its issues or difficulties. However, when it comes down to land assembly, it is best viewed as a business deal. It can make the process a lot less complicated since it will probably affect those around you (e.g., neighbors). Once the development process starts happening, your neighbors will most likely begin to ask questions, for instance. To counter this, you possibly will have signed a nondisclosure agreement to keep you from talking about your personal arbitration with others.

#4 – Act Quickly

The best time to buy or sell in any market is when things are hot. This is usually determined by supply and demand. So, if things are going well in land assembly (and they are), get in now while the going is good!

#5 – What’s Next

Finding some place to live after you have sold your home is obvious. How long that may be is anyone’s guess, but it’s nothing to be overly concerned about since some people don’t receive their money until 3-6 months later. It’s also possible for some realtors to help you locate your next home. So, it can boil down to who you choose to help with your land assembly deal. Choose wisely and get the best listing agents in Surrey.