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The condo market is hot in Surrey BC. If you are buying a condo in Surrey you need a Realtors Team that is dedicated to making sure your bid is onetime, will follow up for as many times needed and will keep in constant contact wit the seller and you promptly. Selling your condo in Surrey might be easy in this hot market, but making sure you have the right team to encourage a brand awareness around your condo through marketing and making the best open house so that your investment reaches full potential. Find out more about Condo’s in Surrey BC. Realtors Whalley.


Just like a condo strata laws are in pace with townhouses. The Becky Zhou Team can look into the minutes of the strata to make sure your new purchase is going to also be the right investment. Selling a townhouse can also be put to he test because some people looking in the townhouse market need space for their family. With the right furniture in place the amount of people through the showing will create the right ambiance for the best showing. Find out more about Townhouses in Surrey BC. Realtors Whalley.

Detached Homes

Most peoples biggest investment will be the family home. Getting a detached home can be a moment of grander for every member of the family. With this being said about home ownership in Surrey you can see how getting attached to a property can be over whelming for most. Having the right Realtors on your side can help keep things in check. Listing your home in Surrey and making sure your investment is well taken care of when marketing your home to new buyers is what The Becky Zhou PREC Team does best. Find out more about Listing your home in Surrey BC. Realtors Whalley.

Commercial Real Estate

For many either purchasing a piece of commercial real estate or getting a lease on a piece of commercial property can seem daunting. Sometimes there is Intellectual properties involved, others there is equipment, and in many cases this process involves taking over a business entirely. This is when getting a PREC Team on your side is more than valuable. With years experience in commercial real estate in Surrey the Becky Zhou Team is ready for you in your commercial lea or purchase. Find out more about commercial Real Estate in Surrey BC. Realtors Whalley.

Farm Land

Of course there are many types o farms that are suited to specific growth and this means getting the right client to the exact properties need for their needs. Some are looking for orchards, some are looking for berry farms, and of course many are looking at green house properties and place zoned for green house. Many new bylaws are about to be set in green houses and the building requirements for what types of building can be placed on these farm lands. The Becky Zhou Team is in constant contact with Surrey City hall to make sure you are getting exactly what you want and need. Selling your Farm land in Surrey to the right buyers is so important, many new immigrants are the one purchasing these properties. The Becky Zhou PREC Team has a large list of such people ready to purchase different types of farm land. Find out more about Farm land real estate in Surrey BC. Realtors Whalley.

Vacant Lots

Vacant lots and selling vacant lots is a unique market. Having a list of builders and knowing the zoning makes it easy to line up the right purchasers for your vacant lot. Being a listing agent for vacant lots and getting them sold either for the right price, or for full potential, or both you wont be in better hands than with the Becky Zhou Team. Find out more about Vacant lots In Surrey BC. Realtors Whalley.

Chinese Realtors

Being a Chinese Realtor in Surrey is a great advantage for marketing your home to new Chinese immigrants and investors. Getting your listing out to as many people is what the Chinese Realtors can do like no other community. Speaking Mandarin and Cantonese and knowing cultural differences and setting up the right light and exposure can only really be known by someone from their own heritage. Of course the whole Becky Zhou Team are fluent in English as well. Find out more about Chinese Realtors in Surrey List.

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