Surrey Light Rail Transit Line

Over the next 30 years, Surrey will welcome 300,000 new residents. As the city grows, so do our transportation needs. A proven technology.
Major capital investments in the lower mainland were the replacement of the Pattullo Bridge and a new Transit centre in Abbotsford. But nothing mentioned for the Light Rail Transit line in Surrey to Langley. Even if the Federal Government came to the table with their 40% as promised the provincial government could not match the monies.

This has Surrey and other south of the Fraser wondering when expansion to transit could take place. Surrey is if not the fastest growing communities in the Country it os for sure one of them. So how to grow without a LRT expansion in place. The congestion in the city is growing at a pace that will leave goods and services costs soaring with congestion. Are the NDP expecting the congestion pricing will tax people out of their cars! But how could this happen with out a system that can move people quickly and efficiently? Langley has grown at record paces along side with Surrey.

What does this do for the Bear Creek Bridge. Surrey city council awarded a $5-million contract to construction firm WestPro to replace the narrow crossing back in Dec 2017.

It seems the region can’t get a true infrastructure frame work done, and the Mayors council butting heads with each other over Broadway expansion and Surrey LRT. This is needed greatly in Surrey, Langley Area.
The LRT line is supposed to span 27 kilometres and will be carried out in two phases. Phase 1 is a Surrey-Newton-Guildford LRT, which will connect to the existing Expo Line stations. Phase 2 is the Surrey Langley Line which will connect to King George Station and extend to 56 Avenue and 203 Street in Langley.

What does this do for Surrey Real Estate and the area’s around the Fraser Highway and up 104th towards Guildford from Surrey Central?

With new Condo projects in New Westminster hitting new highs, East Vancouver condo Towers hitting $1400 a square foot the writing on the wall is for more density along major infrastructure projects then anywhere the LRT is proposed is going to increase dramatically. All municipal governments are under pressure for the increase of density and with transit needs greatening then it is not impossible to see changes in the zoning around these thoroughfares in Surrey’s major arteries. For more on Real Estate in Surrey contact Becky Zhou Hill PREC for the Top Realtors in Surrey.